Most of us, if not all, falls short for these thinking traps. What's important is to identify them as we go, and give one another words of encouragement!


Progress through the game by clicking on the dialog boxes and on the choices as they come up.
Refer to the “Handbook” within the game for guidance and information.

About the game

This is a game by Duy Lam and George Tolkachev, created as a final project for the amazing course 'The Science of Happiness' taught at NYU.  The game's primary goal is to raise awareness of the thinking errors (also called cognitive distortions) that we very often have in our daily lives.  We hope that by the end of the game, you are able to identify these thinking errors as they come up in your lives and have the appropriate solutions for them. If you enjoy it, please go ahead and share the game and the information to those around you. Feel free to use the comment section to express your thoughts and opinions about the subject matter, we'd love to hear from you!
Have a thriving life!


Created in Unity 2018 with the plug-in Fungus.
Game Designer/Programmer: Duy Lam
Narrative Designer: George Tolkachev
Special thanks to: Professors Alan and Dan for teaching this amazing course!

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