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Rooms is a 3-D puzzle game that combines the narrative of making subjective improvements to the situation, and the quirky, surreal-y mechanics of solving puzzles. The player controls the male protagonist who, dissatisfied with his current relationship, was given the chance to go back to certain segments of his past, such as a bad day in his childhood, his first date, and “improve” them. Representing those segments are the rooms that the game is divided into, and within each room is a series of mini puzzles with solutions laying somewhere in the environment, hidden in plain sight. Puzzles come in different forms, from wordplay, unconventional combinations, to manipulation of the environment. They require players to be observant and creative while adhering to its dream logic. They invite players to bypass the physical logic of the real world and take the intuitive leap into this surreal cultural puzzle.

About the Game and Designer

Hi, I'm Duy Lam, designer of Rooms. I'm a graduate of New York University's Game Center, where I received my Game Design BFA in May of 2019. Rooms is a game that I made completely from scratch for my senior capstone project. I've been working on it for ~7 months, and I'm proud to finally be releasing it to the public.

The game is definitely not without flaws, though I hope you will be able to enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed designing and making it. For more information and for more games from me, you can check out my itch or my portfolio site at https://www.duydlam.com/


Rooms Build v3.0.zip 55 MB
Rooms Build v3.0 Mac.zip 58 MB

Install instructions

Please download the zipped file and extract all of its content to your desired place on your computer. To play, simply open the file named 'Capstone'. If the game is lagging, restart the application and adjust the graphics quality accordingly.


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The game was enjoyable. I played it on Discord with my friends and it had us all working together to solve the puzzles. I hope you keep developing it and using more of Ruby's artwork! Looking forward to your future creations Duy!


TAS Alumni

I quite enjoyed this game for what it is right now! I like that it is difficult, but a small hint or something to point you in the right direction would be nice sometimes. I liked the idea of using items to obtain other items, and the "portals" to get other items you'd need.

Only downside: The interacting could be a bit better. When you'd interact with a painting on the wall that does nothing, the item you were holding drops. Kinda annoying, but that's the only thing that could be improved.

I'd rate it a solid 4/5. Please continue developing this game! It definitely shows potential :)