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Work with a team of opposing guild members to eliminate a common threat. Be warned, however--the enemy of your enemy is not always your friend. Let GREED consume you; BARGAIN, LIE, STEAL, KILL! Do whatever it takes to to claim the loot and become the guild that reigns above all others.
Guilty Guilds is a 4-player game where you play as one of four magic guilds going on raid parties together but with personal objectives in mind: to earn the most loot and keep as many of your members alive as possible by the end of the game. To achieve this, in addition to strategically sending out your members on missions, you must also negotiate with and assassinate members of the other guilds at all given chances to prevent them from getting ahead. 


My initial prototype for the assignment was chosen among our group of four to be iterated further. The majority of the gameplay of the game, excluding the Grand Mage phase,  originated from my original prototype. I was tasked with expanding the mechanics of the game, including assassination and mission phases. I was also responsible for making adjustments and tweaks towards balancing and to make the game more entertaining.

Print n' Play

The rules along with all the cards needed for the game are provided in the downloadable zip file below. Other materials that will be needed for the game include: one percentile die, one D10, 25 player tokens (representing the members of the guilds; five for each member, ideally distinctive from each guild in type or color), and 225 smaller tokens (representing loot). Further details can be found in the Rules document. 

Guilty Guilds was created by a team of four, consisting of Duy Lam, Elijah Richmond, Tyler Finley, and Snippy Nguyen. The game was created as a project for the course "Intro to Game Design", taught at NYU.


Duy Lam
Email: duy.lam@nyu.edu
Portfolio: ddlamm.itch.io/

Contact information for team members can be provided upon request.


Guilty Guilds.zip 5.3 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the file to get the folder with all the components of the game. The Rules document of the game is entitled 'Guilty Guilds'. Instructions for print n' play are also included in the folder.

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