This is a series of mini-games made for Gabb Global and its language-learning platform that is in development.

Includes 6 games: Match Mayhem, Pop the Balloons, Syntax Trains, Candy Dandy, Sort Boxes, and Label the Packages.


  1. Match Mayhem: Find and select the right pairs of cards to match them with their correct past and present tense forms.
  2. Pop the Balloons: Tap to pop the balloons with words that match the right type of words presented by the prompt.
  3. Syntax Trains: Drag the trains with segments of a sentence to the bracelet to string together a cohesive and appropriate sentence.
  4. Candy Dandy: Pick the right colored candy that is requested by the customer.
  5. Sort Boxes: Sort boxes based on tenses into the appropriate bins.
  6. Label the Packages: Tap to select synonyms/antonym labels to be put on the appropriate packages.

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