'WASD' or arrow keys to move

'Mouse' to look around

'C' to crouch


dear [crush] is a stealth game where you try to reach through the different checkpoints without being seen. In this game, you play as a teenage boy who is having a huge crush on the girl next (classroom's) door, and you plan to confess your feelings through a letter. However, peer pressure is a fairly real thing, so you don't want your classmates to find out you're doing this cheesy thing because that will be embarrassing.

This is an autobiographical game started in the class 'Intermediate Game Development' as a midterm project. It was then revamped for better performance and introduce new mechanics.

Design Statement

When this game was first published 2.5 years ago, it was buggy, heavy and laggy due to many reasons (most being I was only starting out making games). Nonetheless, I still like the concept and feel connected to the story of it. Determined to make it a better game, I spent the the last month or so working on that goal as a side project. Now that I've felt it's at a good state, I'm re-releasing it.

This version introduces a new crouch mechanic and enemy's sight ray, both serve to give players more space for strategy and adding to the feeling of suspense and sneaky that I want the game to have. The UI has been improved significantly to complement the actions of the game. Finally, the assets of the game, such as models and textures, have been massively optimized (something I wasn't aware of as important before) to make the game run smoother on machines.


Duy Lam




Dear Crush PC Build 16 MB

Install instructions

When you've downloaded the compressed file, unzip it and select the Unity application file to start playing!

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