'WASD' or arrow keys to move

'Mouse' to look around

'SPACE' to pick up items

'R' to read your letter


dear [crush] is a stealth game where you try to reach through the different checkpoints without being seen. In this game, you play as a teenage boy who is having a huge crush on the girl next (classroom's) door, and you plan to confess your feelings through a letter. However, peer pressure is a fairly real thing, so you don't want your classmates to find out you're doing this cheesy thing because that will be embarrassing.

This is an autobiographical game made in the class 'Intermediate Game Development' as a midterm project.

Design Statement

I've encountered quite a few problems during development. For the enemies' functionality, I rely on raycasts for detecting, and states for switching, which are both areas that I was initially unfamiliar with. However, after researching and asking, I'm able to get it to work as best as I can. The game might feel quite buggy, as there is a lot of enemy scripts running at the same time. I've attempted to limit that by distributing the code more evenly around to game managers and such.

If I had more time, first, I will want to eliminate all bugs and make sure the game flows more smoothly. I'd also want to develop more on the narrative aspect of the game. Even though this is an autobiographical game, I find myself spending a lot of time on the technical aspects of the game as that's where I struggle the most. I'd want to add more objectives such as picking up items before getting to the girl so that players will be more emotionally invested to the crush.


Duy Lam



PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorDuy Lam
Made withUnity


Download 14 MB