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The moment the plane goes on auto-pilot mode and the seat belt light is off is also the moment babies go on auto-crying mode and everything goes wrong. Whether it is the middle-age man who can’t figure out how headphones work or the continuous stream of toilet-seeking people that blocks the way, one problem chains to another. You, the poor chosen flight attendants, must keep on that smile and attend to all the passengers’ needs. You have to work fast and avoid frustrated passengers, as the frustration spreads if left unchecked, causing even more chaos…

Attending Frenzy is a game about the chaotic nature of long flights. It is a strategic 2-player co-op game that simulates how flight attendants manage to keep their composure and attend to all the needs of the needy and unempathetic customers. Players are ought to plan and communicate among each other, but also be prepared for catastrophes that could come from anyone and at anytime.


Attending Frenzy Print N' Play.zip 11 MB

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